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Darth & Vader feat. Laura Brehm – Power Trip

“Power Trip” is the lead single to come from Brazilian based Hugo Castellan, an electro house DJ/Producer who performs under the moniker of Darth & Vader. Backed with a finely tuned vocal offering, the Brazilian DJ paired up with singer-songwriter Laura Brehm to create a concoction of high-end electro house magic. Brehm, an independent musician from Denver, Colorado, has collaborated with many other musicians and producers, developing and transforming her pop/folk sound into electroacoustic. Brehm’s sweet and light vocals, along with her unique form of songwriting, blend effortlessly with Castellan’s killer beats and basslines to create an addictive summer jam.

With huge recognition from north to south Brazil, Darth & Vader has already played in the biggest clubs and festivals of his home country. The project’s second release, a remix of Dataloss’ track “Freefire,” reached the third position on Beatport’s Top 10 Electro House contest. Having competed against big names such as Afrojack and Deadmau5, the tracks success was crucial for the recognition of Darth & Vader. Other highlights include Darth & Vader’s remix for DJ Maxsie & Alex Speaker’s “Hey Yo,” which was used in presentations by Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex, and the project’s original production of “Return Of The Jedi,” played by DJ Moby.

Hugo Castellan is a professional, totally focused on improving his productions along with perfecting his music’s evolution. The ultimate result of years of intense dedication and refined talent are attention-grabbing tracks that are both unforgettable and powerful.

All MP3s available below are encoded at 320 kbps for highest sound quality.

Track listing:

Power Trip (Radio Edit)
Download MP3 ($1.00)

Power Trip (Extended Mix)
Download MP3 ($1.99)

Power Trip (Scoon & Delore Mix Edit)
Download MP3 ($1.00)

Power Trip (Scoon & Delore Mix)
Download MP3 ($1.99)

Power Trip (Lush & Simon Remix)
Download MP3 ($1.99)

Download All Mixes In One Zip File ($5.99)

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