Dancing Astronaut Features Darth & Vader's "Power Trip"

darth and vader dancing astronaut

Radikal’s newest single “Power Trip” from the Brazilian electronic producer, Darth And Vader is already seeing some buzz on the internet. Take Dancing Astronaut, who posted up a review of the track not long ago. Dancing Astronaut says that “Power Trip” “reigns as a strong indicator to pastures greener for electro house’s latest hard-hitting contender.” The music blog as commented on featured vocalist, Laura Brehm remarking that she “sits inoffensively into the equation, leaving the duo to successfully execute a universally tuned concoction of high-end electro house wizardry.” Have a listen for yourself below and read the full article from Dancing Astronaut here. “Power Trip” will be available on July 16th.

Darth & Vader ft Laura Brehm – Power Trip by Radikal Records

Click below to pre-order the “Power Trip” single from iTunes.

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