From The News Interviews Schiller

When you’re as hardworking as someone like Christopher von Deylen, or “Schiller” as he is known to his countless fans, it’s difficult to find time to sleep, nonetheless sit down for an in-depth interview. Lucky journalist Torsten Pape, with got the rare opportunity to discuss Schiller’s upcoming tour, the underlying meaning of his lyrics and titles, and his overall life outlook. In an interview that can only be described as deeply philosophical, Schiller explains what he believes should motivate people by saying, “Success is exactly the wrong Motivator. Success never is the purpose. It is for me about the advancement of Schiller, around my personal advancement and all that I can still originate from it.”

Here is a link to this incredible interview. Although it is in German, it translates very well on any online translator, and we definitely suggest checking it out!

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