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Q Vegas Interviews Luciana

Luciana just posted on her official website an interview conducted by LBGT magazine, Q Vegas. Read up on Luciana’s thoughts on the music industry, dream collaborations, her early success in a girl pop band, and more. You can catch an excerpt of the interview below and check out the rest right here.

What can we expect to see from you when you play Hyde at Bellagios at the end of the month?

A lot of leg and big hair , hopefully my usual ‘in your face stuff’ and a great show I hope. I love the Bellagio, I can’t wait.

What would your dream collaboration be dead or alive?

Calvin Harris if you read this call me , yeah!!

I wanna work lady Gaga too, that would be a dream collaboration for me.

What is the biggest thing you love and hate about the music industry right now?

I love the fact that the EDM music scene is really on fire here in the states right now. It’s an exciting time for Dj’s and dance collaborations. I hate the fact that real talent can go unnoticed and un rewarded. Too many people without any talent can make it big which I think is crazy.

You can also stream or purchase Jochen Simms & Luciana’s Wicked Workout single by clicking on the artwork below.

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