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Cypress Hill and Rusko Release Five-Track EP

In what might first appear to be an odd collaboration, dubstep powerhouse Rusko has teamed up with Cali hip-hop group Cypress Hill for a five-track EP. The infamous west coast rappers are undoubtedly taking a huge risk crossing over to the electronic genre -but with no risk no reward. The collaboration could invigorate the Cypress Hill sound and introduce a new generation to their unique style. The group has already worked with Tom Morello and Eminiem, but their new Rusko collaboration is in a league of its own.

They came to me for the electronic beats and the club sound, which is something I’ve done before,” said Rusko, “But obviously we had to do it in a dark, gnarly way because that’s how these guys roll.”

The EP is scheduled to release the end of this month. Check out their interview with LA Laker Metta World Peace, below.

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