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JeMoney - Go Ahead (Consoul Trainin Mix) - Cover Art

DJ/Producer JeMoney Provides an Important Lesson in Greek Slang with New Single “Go Ahead”

Welcome to ‘Greek 1010′ with JeMoney. The DJ/Producer delivers an instruction manual for the most popular and multifaceted slang word in the Greek dictionary with his new single “Go Ahead”. The term “Malaka” is considered one of the most widely known Greek words, and it finally gets the “recognition” it deserves within the music industry with the fun new track.

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The uplifting, fresh and colorful hooky track analyzes the correct use of the word, as well as the different scenarios in which it can appear (hint: they are a lot). The word can come from a place of love where ‘Malaka’ can replace your best friend’s name, it can come from an angry place, or it can come from a place of indifference replacing a person’s name since you can’t remember it.

“Go Ahead” will not only expand your knowledge of the Greek language but through its totally crazy music video, it promises to expand your dancing skills as well. So go ahead, let’s hear it, just please don’t forget to “Use The Right Tone”…

JeMoney Photo

JeMoney is the alter ego of the very successful producer known as Consoul Trainin, who has gained millions of streams globally through multiple releases. Born in Greece and now based in Dubai, his artist name “Consoul Trainin” means “Everything you feel in your soul, all coming from a DJ’s console.”

Having produced a large catalog of hits the DJ has created his very own genre-transcending and highly recognizable sound: Chilled deep house powered by organic instruments, and always accompanied by unforgettable melodies. Now as ‘JeMoney’ the talented producer continues to develop his sounds with more new singles and projects on the way. Stay tuned…

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