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Salt Ashes Exclusive Interview With No Anchor

After listening to the knockout self-titled album by UK singer Salt Ashes, music blog No Anchor fell in love with the songs and needed to sit down with the songstress to ask her a few questions about this successful debut album. Salt Ashes starts out by commenting on the albums growing success, saying how she is overwhelmed with the amount of unexpected positive reactions on the album, and is so happy that the album is finally out for everyone to hear. Salt Ashes goes on to talk about her writing process, favorite lyrics, and what is next for her in the future. Check out some of this exclusive interview below and make sure to head over to for the full article.

Q: What was the biggest inspiration for this album? 

A: Different things really. The album is an insight into around 5 years of my life and I think in some ways my entire life! There’s a lot about previous relationships, friendships, experiences I’ve had and stories I’ve created from people watching which I love to do. It will be different with the next album, I’m sure.

Q: In terms of songwriting, do you typically write with the live aspect in mind? Maybe give us a brief overview of the writing process for this album. 

A: My writing process is different each time I write. Sometimes I’ll start off with a beat and build a track up roughly from there then start singing over what I’ve created. Other times I’ll have a lyric in mind, start playing some chords and begin playing around with those words. Usually with an uptempo song I’ll imagine playing it live and try and create something that I think will take the audience on a journey with tension and builds etc.. other times I will be so in the zone of writing that all I am focused on is the moment.

Q: What is one of your favorite lyrics that you’ve written?

A: Into me, like bullets through a screen, my heart is no machine.

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“Salt Ashes” is now available for purchase in record stores nationwide, on AmazoniTunesBandcamp, Google Play, and in the Radikal Records web-store. It is also available for streaming on Spotify.