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Fresh New Tracks Interviews Bombs Away

While in Atlantic City, Bombs Away took some time out while on their North America tour to talk with Fresh New Tracks. FNT dug up some dirt on the boy’s inspiration, being icons in Australia, collaborations, Miley Cyrus, and more. In addition to that, Bombs Away shared a new track called “Assassinate,” which you can hear below. Check out the full interview over at Fresh New Tracks here.

FNT: I’m here with Bombs Away, Sketch and Tommy Shades, superstars in Australia, you guys are absolutely killing it, every festival, selling out every show, and if you wanted you’d be booked the whole week…

Sketch: Yeah, in Australia we only doFriday and Saturdays just cause we gotta produce for the rest of the week, and we’d just die… this US tour I think we have a show every day, like 6-7-8 days in a row next week? So that’s ok for short verse but when we’re at home we gotta do studio time and stuff.

FNT: So you guys are obviously gentlemen as I can tell from your videos, so what would be the perfect romantic date for you guys to take a girl out?

Tommy Shades: the perfect romantic date would start with a walk along the beach, accompanied by a pet robot dog, but the robot dog would attack everyone else on the beach, and what’d you have at the end of the beach walk, is just a pile of limbs, and then you go out to dinner or what not, but then you bring her back home to the pile of limbs, and instead of a bed with rose petals, it’s like a beach covered with limbs…

FNT: Did you plan that answer?

Tommy Shades: That kind of leaked out…

FNT: Sketch, you have a girlfriend, is she the source of inspiration for a lot of the songs?

Sketch: No, she’s actually a DJ as well, we met they were playing a show, and they were playing one of our songs, we’d never seen them before, they’re called the Twins, it’s her and her twin sister, they played one of our older songs that we didn’t think anyone had, we went to check it out, and I said “Yeah, I’m going to make that chick my girlfriend,” it took me like a year, but I did, so I was pretty happy about that, good job!

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