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Throwback Thursday: DJ Tiesto & Armin Van Buuren Present Major League, “Wonder”

Tiesto Armin Van Buuren Major League Wonder

Happy Throwback Thursday! This week we’re bringing back the classic collaboration of superstar DJs Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, “Major League,” with the incredible dance banger, “Wonder!”  The perfect combination of progressive house, techno, and trance, “Wonder” will have you up and dancing in no time.  So crank those speakers and start your weekend off right with the undeniably hypnotic “Wonder!”

Throwback Thursday: Warp Brothers, "Blast The Speakers"

Warp Brothers Blast The Speakers

Rough week? Why not let go of some stress and get ready to party with the Warp Brothers! Their classic 2001 club hit, “Blast The Speakers” is a fantastic mix of relentless beats, acid-spiked breakdowns, and killer bass, and is the perfect kickoff to an insane weekend. So start your Friday off the right way and blast those speakers, the Warp Brothers are about to rock your world!

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Throwback Thursday: Junior Jack, “My Feeling”

Junior Jack My Feeling TBT Throwback Thursday

For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, I thought we’d prepare for an insane Friday night with Junior Jack’s classic dance track, “My Feeling!” With it’s steady beat and hypnotic, chill-inducing vocals, “My Feeling” will become yours in no time.  So crank those speakers and get up off your seat, it’s time to let your body to the talking and get ready for a great end of the week!

Throwback Thursday: Orphean Feat. Terry, “My People”

Orphean Feat. Terry My People TBT Throwback Thursday

Let Orphean sing you the song of his people this Throwback Thursday with the trance classic, “My People!” Allow yourself to be completely taken away by the steady dance beat and calming vocals of the talented Terry Bjerre.  This track is perfect for a smooth transition into an incredible Friday, so turn up your speakers, forget your worries, and unwind!

Throwback Thursday: DJ Tomcraft, “Silence”

DJ Tomcraft Silence TBT Throwback Thursday

Get ready to be completely swept away this Throwback Thursday by the soothing trance sounds of the one and only DJ Tomcraft with his smash hit, “Silence!”  In what could only be described as the absolute perfect way to prepare for a sure-to-be insane Friday, allow yourself to forget your worries and take a little “me time” with the relaxing beats and hypnotic vocals of this one of a kind track.  Turn up, tune out, and enjoy!

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bad Habit Boys – Rock Ya (Ya Mix)

CJ Stone

Rock Ya is an energetic techno track designed to rock your party and add some fun into your otherwise dreary musical experience. Axel Konrad, Woody Van Eyden and Spacekid contribute their distinctive styles to the remixes.

The Bad Habit Boys are CJ Stone and George Dee. Their first single Drop The Bass was big in clubs across Europe. Their second single Weekend reached even bigger heights with wide international appeal and has been released in 32 different countries world-wide, topping the dance charts in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the USA, it was very well received by club and mixshow jocks alike, gaining some prime mixshow airtime during the all important Friday afternoon “let’s get ready for the weekend” drive time mixshows. If Weekend got you pumped, then Rock Ya really will.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Potatoheads – Mix The Master (Potatoheads Remix)

potatoheads - mix the master

Some people like their potatos mashed, baked, fried, scalloped, au gratin or even in a salad. Others like them technofied. Nobody technofies them better than The Potatoheads. You should just listen to them Mix The Master.

They specialize in chunky hard house tracks for those nights when you really need to load up on some hardcore carbs. Dancefloor madness taken to the extreme, they’re hard, angry and prone to mental drum breakdowns. And they don’t let up until you scream for mercy, or at least for some butter and sour cream.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Marc Et Claude – Loving You

marc et claude

Once a top charter in the 70s, Minnie Ripperton’s “Loving You” was invigorated with life in the 00s by electronic duo Marc Et Claude. Marc Et Claude’s reconstruct the song to become a floor shaker with thumping bass and it’s airy vocals. The song’s signature high pitch screech lays as the checkpoint as the song delves into a deeper trance. Take that, lounge lizards (looking at you Wayne Newton).

Throwback Thursday: Mad’house – Like A Prayer


Today’s Throwback Thursday is Mad’house’s cover of Madonna’s classic “Like A Prayer.” This floor-stomping dance cover also features vocals from the Turkish singer Buse Unlu, who sounds so much like Madonna it’s both mind-blowing and creepy!

French producers Bambi Mukendi and Stephane Durand aka Mad’house, presumably massive Madonna fans, have obviously taken note of the nostalgia for the 80?s and dipped their bedroom producer mitts into Madonna’s immense back catalogue for the album Absolutely Mad. So get “Into The Groove” with this awesome electronic cover of “Like A Prayer.”