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Salt Ashes speaks to Stitched Sound about her EP ‘counting crosses’

Last month saw the release of Brighton-based singer Salt Ashes’ most dynamic work to date. Her four track EP counting crosses was released via Radikal Records on March 6th to critical acclaim, including a feature on Record of the Day.

She spoke to Emily May of Stitched Sound about the EP, remarking that she feels more confident in expressing herself through songwriting, making her most recent work more real, raw, and honest.

Salt Ashes elaborates further on the evolution of her songwriting from her debut album to her most recent EP, saying:

“[T]he debut album was my first piece of cohesive work that I was going to release I wanted it to be perfect. I still want my work to perfect, but actually I’m learning that there’s beauty in imperfections and to let go of more things now.

My songwriting process has definitely changed over the years. I’m more open to trying different approaches now and I’m more free with my writing – less poetic and more real I think too.”

May went on to ask about the collaborative process between Salt Ashes and counting crosses producer Louis Souyave, as well as her feelings on collaborating as a whole. She mentions that she’s enjoyed working with every producer she has collaborated with, appreciating what each of them brought to her music.

She goes on to say:

“I love collaborating with people because you just never know what you’re going to come up with. One little noise, sound or word that one person puts forward can inspire you in a way that may have never happened alone…When I’m alone I completely go into myself. Sometimes I just sit and think for hours and then everything just comes out in one stream of consciousness. I definitely need that time every now and then otherwise my brain gets crowded and I almost feel trapped.”

She admits that it was through an unexpected collaborative process that the title track from her EP came to be, recalling the night she write the demo with musician, Harpy:

“Harpy and I went out, got back at 3am and started messing around on my synths in my bedroom whilst drinking tequila. We made a demo of what we had and I thought it was such a cool vibe that I was playing the demo to everyone to see if they thought it was as good as I thought it was.”

Read Salt Ashes’ full interview with Stitched Sound here.

Salt Ashes delivers some of her strongest vocal performances to date and blending her dance/electronic influences with dark atmospheres and introspective lyrics in her new EP counting crosses, available now on all streaming platforms.

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