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Salt Ashes Gives Exclusive Interview with “Femme Riot” and Receives Yet Another Rave Review

Female Empowerment, News, and Review Site “Femme Riot” Praises Salt Ashes’ Latest Music Video in Exclusive Interview.

“Femme Riot”, known for promoting female artists and ideas, recently held an interview with their own Shayla Lee and the dark pop princess Salt Ashes. Topics discussed included challenges faced by women in the music industry, musical influences, and future aspirations. Along with a mutual excitement for what else Salt Ashes has in store, Lee expressed her adoration for “Girls” and the accompanying music video.

I’m loving your new single ‘Girls!’ On SoundCloud, you explained that the track is about “breaking the stereotypes of people who want to express themselves and their sexuality freely without the “slut shaming” or being told that they’re “asking for it.” I’m all here for it and I feel so empowered when I listen to it! Did it feel liberating to create such an empowering song? Can you tell us more about this track?

I’m so f****** happy that it’s made you feel that way! That’s the ultimate goal, so that’s just made my day. It felt great to write the track but hearing comments like that is why I write songs.

The interview goes on to describe the motives behind Salt Ashes lyrics in “Girls” and further explain how the self directed video conveys the message of empowering women. With her increasing support and recognition, Salt Ashes’ future projects are surely not to be missed, as you can see here:

What else can we expect from you this year?

A lot more music! I’m working on new material at the moment which I’m really excited by so I can’t wait for you to hear it.

The full interview with Femme Riot can be found here.

Watch the self directed video for “Girls” now!

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