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Kristian Nairn Releases First Monthly Podcast, 7Sessions

DJ Kristian Nairn has just released his first of his monthly podcasts, entitled 7Sessions. Each month, Nairn, most recognized as Hodor from HBO‘s hit series Game of Thrones, brings you his own personal selection of the best house, tech, and progressive music around. The podcast will also include some candid insight into the life of the leading actor. Nairn will shine some light of some of his favorite artists, share some of his Rave of Thrones mixes, and much more. The 90 minute podcast is perfect for Game of Thrones fans as well as seasoned dance music fans.

Download and listen to the free podcast via iTunes and SoundCloud.

Listen to Nairn’s first monthly podcast, 7Sessions, below:

In 2015 Kristian Nairn released his first two singles on Radikal Records, Up / Beacon (feat. Leanne Robinson) and 4Love (feat. Salt Ashes). Both singles are now available for download on iTunes & Beatport, and for streaming on Spotify & SoundCloud.

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