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Cazzette Partnering With Spotify For Debut Album Release

Well, no one can say that they’re not embracing the digital age! In a new and bold move, Swedish dub-duo Cazzette is partnering with online music service Spotify to promote their debut album. While some may say that this is one of the more clever moves of artists nowadays, quite a few people are worried about what pairing promotion with the web may do for record company sales.

Steve Savoca, global head of content for Spotify, wants people to know that his music service is not looking to completely erase record labels. He explains, “we want to be a powerful partner to artists so that they can leverage our platform to build strong one-to-one relationships with their fans.” Cazzette, who until now, has made most of their income on live shows, said, “Album sales are secondary. Of course, the promotion will reflect album sales, but that’s not the main reason we’re doing this. Accessibility and exposure is more important for us, as opposed to selling as many CDs as possible.”

Whatever the motive may be, we have a feeling that Cazzette is a group to keep your eyes – and ears – on. Be sure to check out their debut album, “Eject,” being released exclusively on Spotify today!

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