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Radikal Records Presents Tune In Crew “Don’t Go Go”



We are proud to announce the newest signees to Radikal Records, the French production duo TUNE IN CREW with their release of “Don’t Go Go” premiered exclusively on VIBE today!

Here’s what the two brothers Harry & Xavier had to say about the release:

“With “Don’t Go Go”, the aim has been to create a wrapping atmosphere that is as smooth as it is strong. We feel this song singularly makes for a great introduction into our musical universe for newcomers, as it is quite representative of the exploration between electronic and organic, old and new, of simplicity and cultural diversity, all central to our approach. We hope you’ll get the sense of joy we had while creating this piece, that sunny something made of rhythm and harmony… Be our guest!”

Brothers from Strasbourg – France, HARRY VEYNAND & XAVIER VEYNAND have long been part of an indeed temporal, thus progressive approach to shaping the spirit of discovery and critical thinking: whether it was during their university education, or through their learning of musical instruments, until their first steps creating music, leading to the assertion of their singularity as artists and music producers duo “TUNE IN CREW”

With awareness of the reality that any artist is beneficiary and partially tributary of already existing creations, they dare the boldness, they dare to take the risk in exploring new forms. Each track is experienced as a search to bring out a new relevance, attentive not to fall into trivializing. It is driven by a will to experiment, with humility and joy, between caution, confidence, and requirement. Given what they have lived, listened to, read, learned and thought -all the more in a time of acute conformism, while the world is truly, more than ever opened up- the 2 brothers find meaning in a music rich of its high diversity.

Indeed, from sunny and warm Caribbean, Oriental and Latin influences, to the edge of modern electronic synths, and with a subtle touch of soulful American music, TUNE IN CREW’s sound is a story of surprising balance, of breath, making for a lively and game-changing kind of Pop music. Having in mind and at heart that “Music has, quite particularly, the prestige of both the unity and the otherness” (M. Edwards), Harry and Xavier embraced that music contributes to the future, as a sketch, binding the individual and collective level, and that is also why music has an inherent political nature.

For this reason, they didn’t hesitate to build tracks around political speeches in their country, in favor of a greater, revalued democratic participation. This outlines the aspiration to add to the already existing free spaces, and be one of these cases which incite to the creative courage: this very confidence towards the unknown.

TUNE IN CREW puts front-and-center… “La joie de vivre”!


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Ayah Marar Drops "Beg Borrow Steal" Video, Featured On Vibe

Ayah-Marar beg borrow steal

Ayah Marar dropped her official video for “Beg Borrow Steal” and it’s already creating some buzz around the internet. VIBE posted up the video earlier today, and expect plenty more to follow. The video for “Beg Borrow Steal” follows a vignetted story line following 3 different stories, which weave into each other by the end of the song. We aren’t gonna give anything away though, so check out the video below and find the feature on VIBE here.

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Ayah Marar Featured In Vibe

ayah marar vibe

Recently Vibe Magazine posted up a feature on Ayah Marar’s latest single and video “Lethal Dose.” On “Lethal Dose,” Vibe says “‘Lethal Dose’ takes the YouTube screen and reveals a more sensitive and vulnerable side of Ayah we haven’t seen before, addressing the effects of emotional and physical addiction.” Check out the video below, and original post on Vibe here. “Lethal Dose” is off Ayah Marar’s upcoming album The Real, which will be available on Radikal later this summer!

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Ayah Marar Featured On Vibe

ayah marar vibe

The influential lifestyle/music mag, Vibe has recently featured Ayah Marar’s video clip for her latest single “Go Hard.” “Go Hard” was posted as part of Vibe’s “Wrap Party,” a weekly round up of the hottest videos and news. Read their write up of video below and check out the original article here.

Following her hit track ‘Alive’ featuring P Money, bass queen Ayah Marar is back with ‘Go Hard’, the fifth single form her debut album, The Real. Paying homage to her dance floor roots, ‘Go Hard’ encompasses all that the title stands for with its bashy, bold beats, a buoyant percussion, and fun, crazy animation featured in the video.