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DJs From Mars And The Wideboys Climb The ZipDJ Charts!


We are stoked to see that DJs From Mars And The Wideboys are killing it on the ZipDJ charts this month. DJs From Mars’ “Phat Ass Drop” comes in at a chart topping #3 on the ZipDJ club charts, and #9 on their mainstream dance charts. The Wideboys also saw some movement with their single “The Word,” placing them at #29 on the ZipdJ club charts. Congrats, guys!

You can also stream/purchase both singles right here on our website. Click on the artwork below.

 Phat Ass Drop
Wideboys The Word Packshot No Logo

Mumford & Sons To Go…Electronic?

Don’t even pretend that you’re not at least curious as to how this will turn out. 12-time Grammy nominees’ frontman, Marcus Mumford, recently told Style Magazine that they will explore the electronic side of music on their next album, while still doing “whatever feels soulful.” While going electronic would mark a huge shift in the overall sound of the group, who are known for bring folk rock into the mainstream, they would not be the first artists to do so. Ever since dance music started to take over America, everyone from Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift have given it a try, and have been mostly commercially successful. What do you all think? Will this be a smash hit or a total flop?