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Serdar Ayyildiz, Said Mrad - 1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi) - Artwork

Umm Kulthum’s Iconic Song Gets a New Dance Spin with Serdar Ayyildiz & Said Mrad’s “1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi)”

The famous song of the Queen of the Arab Music World, Umm Kulthum gets a new electronic dance spin from producer duo Serdar Ayyildiz & Said Mrad.

“Alf Leila wa Leila (One Thousand and One Nights)”, one of the most iconic and well-known songs in the Middle East, gets a modern dance remix from the production team of Serdar Ayyildiz and Said Mrad. Released on Radikal Records in the United States, partnering with Yeni Dunya Muzik, the vanguard music company of Electronic Dance Music in Turkey, their new mix entitled, “1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi)” is available now worldwide.

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Egyptian singer, Umm Kulthum, who is considered the “Queen of the Arab Music World” infamously sang the 41-minute song “Alf Leila We Leila” for the first time, immediately universally accepted as a legendary song for both the genre and culture. The song has been covered and reimagined numerous times since Kulthum’s performance, including “One Thousand & One Nights (Alf Leyla Wlayla)”, which was published in 2001 by DJ Said Mrad of the famous Lebanese nightclubs, winning the Multi Platinum Record Awards.

Serdar Ayyildiz & Said Mrad - Photo

Serdar Ayyildiz (Left), Said Mrad (Right)

Said Mrad’s dance version and accompanying music video released by Universal Music Group in France under the name “Alf Leila wa Leila (1001 Nights)”, spread the popularity of the song all over the world. His remix became a symbol that started the “East-West Fusion” movement in the music world, which he’s built upon with his output as a DJ since.

Now, Turkey’s successful producer and DJ Serdar Ayyildiz has teamed up with Said Mrad to co-produce and release a new tech-house dance version of the iconic song, and spread its influence to another generation of dance-floors.

Get ready to hear the song “1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi)” and dance together at “Beach Parties” and after midnight in famous clubs from Dubai to Beirut, Istanbul to Mykonos, Ibiza to Miami this summer


  1. 1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi)
  2. 1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi) [Extended]
  3. 1001 NIGHTS (Ya Habibi) [Dub Mix]

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