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ICYMI: Watch Salt Ashes’ “Save It” Music Video

In case you missed it, emerging electronic singer-songwriter Salt Ashes aka Veiga Sanchez has released her brand new music video for the lead single from her self-titled debut album. The “Save It” music video was premiered on world renowned music publication Billboard. Watch the dark and sensual music video below:

Watch Salt Ashes’ “Save It” music video below:

The music video was filmed at three separate locations in two cities. The “darkness” is portrayed visually within the video’s séance sequence — as well as lyrically as Sanchez laments, “They said your kiss would poison mine/ And it’s nothing I can trust/ But my veins won’t ease the flood/ ’Cause I still can’t get enough.”

“The idea behind the video was to contrast scenes of a ritual and a séance, to symbolize others trying to expel our love for each other, with darker, faster paced, scenes of unbinding passion and rebellion against those people.”

View the video’s premiere on Billboard at

Salt Ashes self-titled debut album  is now available for purchase in record stores nationwide, on AmazoniTunesBandcamp, Google Play, and in the Radikal Records web-store. It is also available for streaming on Spotify.

Brand new mixes of the lead single can be found on ‘Save It (UK Mixes)’ which is available now for digital purchase on iTunesBandcamp, and Beatport. It is also available for streaming on SoundCloud.