Manuel Riva - It Feels Good (feat. m els)
  • Release Date: November 11, 2022
  • Catalog No: RAD 99556-0
  • Label: Radikal Records
  • Type: Singles
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Manuel Riva – It Feels Good (feat. m els)

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Billboard Charting DJ Manuel Riva joins forces with m els for brand new single ‘It Feels Good’

Romanian DJ/Producer Manuel Riva and Estonian singer-songwriter m els have teamed up to drop ‘It Feels Good’, a song with a special vibration, sharing a powerful message and encouraging us to stay fearless in the pursuit of our passion and purpose. Originally released exclusively for Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 the single is now available in North America via Radikal Records.

At its core, ‘It Feels Good’ is a song about the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of opening up to someone, emotions that more and more people experience all over the world. Whenever you’re trying to hide from all the hustle and bustle around you, ‘It Feels Good’ reminds you that you are not alone and that, despite the appearances, we all feel the same way. The collab between the two artists started as the product of a creative songwriting camp.

“I’m happy that creations like this one appear as a result of the online music camps, where you can come across artists that fit your style and personality so well, as I can tell it happened with Merili (m els) and my music. Her voice is able to give off so much calm, yet so powerful vibrations at the same time, which perfectly came together with the general thrill that I wanted to convey through this song” – Manuel Riva

Manuel Riva - Live Photo

Manuel Riva

Manuel Riva is one of the most successful Romanian dance music producers and DJs that crossed borders with his Billboard Dance Top 20 hits. Since starting the solo project in 2015 his hits such as “Mhm Mhm”, “Sacred Touch”, “Miami” and “What Mama Said” and most recently “Modern Love” have been played worldwide and are still being supported by some of the most famous DJs in the world such as Tiesto, Fedde LeGrand or Cosmic Gate. The Billboard Charting producer was also an EMA nominee for best Romanian Act.

m els is a singer and songwriter whose powerful voice has mostly been heard on house and dance music productions. Though she is at the beginning of her career, her latest collaborative singles such as “Revolve”, “Here For Me” and “Watch Me Go” amassed a number of almost 700k streams. m els has over 46k monthly listeners on Spotify.

“It was really exciting to work with Manuel Riva during the songwriting camp, as I’ve heard his unique style long before and I was delighted to see what we could create together. The instrumental inspired us in no time and the melody just came naturally. This song is about embracing yourself and your fears and I hope its message will reach a lot of people!” – m els

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