Have You Gotten Your Tickets To Schiller’s Winter Tour?

Superstar Schiller is touring Germany through early December starting November 23rd, and he would love to see everyone come out and enjoy some fantastic music!

Nov 23 Stadt Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 24 Dusseldorf, Germany
Nov 25 Hamburg, Germany
Nov 26 Bremen, Germany
Nov 27 Rostock, Germany
Nov 29 Bielefeld, Germany
Nov 30 Siegen, Germany
Dec 1 Leipzig, Germany
Dec 1 Leipzig, Germany
Dec 3 Chemnitz, Germany
Dec 4 Freiburg, Germany
Dec 5 Stein bei Nurnberg, Germany
Dec 5 Nurnberg, Germany
Dec 6 Munchen, Germany
Dec 7 Stuttgart, Germany
Dec 8 Dresden, Germany
Dec 9 Berlin, Germany

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