• Release Date: August 06, 2013
  • Catalog No: RAD 99284
  • Label: Radikal Records
  • Type: Singles
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Oh Snap!! – Who Let The Douchebags In

Oh Snap!! is no stranger to pointing out some of the absurdities of modern nightlife. Back with a new single and his tongue planted firmly in cheek, this time around he’s finally asking the question on everyone’s lips: “Who Let The Douchebags In?”

Sick of the tight t-shirts, over-applied hair gel and the extremely potent stench of cologne in nightclubs, Oh Snap!! takes aim at the overly lame trends sweeping certain parts of the world’s nightlife (*cough* Jersey Shore *cough*) and calls it as he sees it: ridiculous.

“Who Let the Douchebags In” music video: