Manuel Riva X Eneli - Strangers To Lovers (Happy Gutenberg & Elektromekanik Remix) - Cover
  • Release Date: March 22, 2024
  • Catalog No: RAD 99614-0
  • Label: Radikal Records
  • Type: Remixes
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Manuel Riva & Eneli – Strangers to Lovers (Happy Gutenberg & Elektromekanik Remix)

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Happy Gutenberg & Elektromekanik drop a disco house remix of Manuel Riva & Eneli’s latest collab “Strangers to Lovers”.

Billboard charting DJ/Producer Manuel Riva kicked off 2024 by teaming up with fellow Romanian artist, Eneli for the emotional new single “Strangers to Lovers”Following the international success of their previous collaborative single, “Mhm Mhm”Manuel Riva returns to his specific theme – the universe, accompanied by a spectacular music video created with the help of artificial intelligence.

“For me, the connection between the cosmos and us, humans, represents a recurring theme. The song’s story can be seen as a metaphor for a love that knows no bounds and extends to unimaginable levels” – Manuel Riva

Following the release of a remix from production team, JKGD and Manuel Riva himself, “Strangers to Lovers” is now supported by a new remix from, Happy Gutenberg & Elektromekanik. The two producers deliver a fresh disco house mix of the track, with deep bass grooves and funky guitar licks providing a chilled out take on the record, while maintaining all of its danceability.

Eneli & Manuel Riva - Live

Eneli & Manuel Riva performing live

“Strangers to Lovers,” marks a new stage in the two Romanian artists’ collaboration, with the release not only bringing forth a captivating song, but further unveiling the authentic story of friendship between the two artists.

In 2016 Manuel Riva and Eneli first teamed up to deliver the international hit “Mhm Mhm”, which dominated the charts in the United States, breaking both artists onto the Billboard Dance Club Chart where the track rose for 10 weeks straight. With heavy rotation on all Romanian radio stations, the single went on to hit many European Shazam charts in countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Moldova, Lithuania, and Armenia. The song has garnered over 60 million views on YouTube and 14 million streams on Spotify.

After writing and working together for many years, Manuel Riva and Eneli now release “Strangers to Lovers”, the next step forward in their musical collaboration.

The music video, based on Manuel Riva’s original concept and directed by MGM, follows the same theme and presents the poignant story of two astronauts in love who find each other in space. Watch the video for the original single above.

“‘Strangers to Lovers’ is a story of love and perseverance and speaks about the fight for love, regardless of the obstacles encountered on the journey towards each other, and the lyrics will resonate with many listeners.” – Eneli

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