Manuel Riva X Eneli – Strangers to Lovers

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Performed by: Manuel Riva, Eneli
Written by George Emanuel Calin, Ileana Popescu
Lyrics by Ileana Popescu
Produced by George Emanuel Calin
Publisher: 8th Note Copyrights / Roton Music Publishing

Directed by: Cristina Poszet, Andra Marta
DOP & Creative Director: Alexandru Muresan
Cast: Cosmin Constantinescu, Diana Constantinescu

Tell me how to get that
Tell me how to breathe it
Out of my, out of my chest
Get it out of my chest
And u know that i can feel it
Know that i can read it

Say it to my, say it to my face
Go on and say it to my face

Yeah sometimes it feels like love is gone
And we’re turning into strangers
And I hate it when we cry and fight
So don’t tell me that you gave up

You got me
And I got you
Where do we go, we go, we go, we go
Where do we go now?
Where do we go, we go, we go, we go
Where do we go now?

From strangers to lovers
Oh, we can go back to the way we were
from strangers to lovers
From strangers to lovers
Where do we go now?

Manuel Riva & Eneli - Strangers To Lovers - Artwork

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