DJs From Mars feat. Fragma – Insane (In Da Brain)

Radikal Records announces the release of “Insane (In Da Brain)” by DJs From Mars Featuring Fragma. Since its debut, the single and its accompanying music video has become a viral sensation, paying homage to the best videos in pop culture and dance music like Benny Benassi, 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, and The Chemical Brothers.

DJ’s From Mars have become one of the biggest “bootleg” acts in the business. Their ability to create genre-bending hits can be directly attributed to their diverse collaborations. Since emerging on the scene in 2004 they have remixed songs from everyone from Adele to Nirvana. Following their 2008 single “Who Gives A Fuck About Deejays”, “Insane (In Da Brain)” further solidifies their place as one of the biggest acts in dance music.

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