IYES & Ryan Riback - This Feeling (Remixes)
  • Release Date: December 21, 2018
  • Catalog No: RAD 99389-0
  • Label: Radikal Records
  • Type: Remixes
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IYES & Ryan Riback – This Feeling (Remixes)

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Radikal Records is proud to release the official remix package for the pop smash, “This Feeling,” the collaborative single from Berlin-based songwriting duo, IYES and rising DJ and producer, Ryan Riback. New remixes and extended cuts of the infectious dance-pop single are provided by producers Teo Mandrelli, Jared Martson, MC4D, and Panny DJ.

IYES - Josh Christopher & Melis Soyaslanová
Josh Christopher & Melis Soyaslanová are, IYES, a Berlin-based songwriting duo previously based in Brighton, England. The girl-boy team have been writing and producing songs for themselves and various artists since 2013, and have been supported on outlets such as Pitchfork, The Guardian, Nylon, Hunger Mag and many more. IYES blew up in the “blog-o-sphere” after starting to release demos online in 2013, publishing their work on websites like SoundCloud. Since then the duo has co-produced songs with friends MNEK, Astronomyy and Lexxx amongst others. They had a short stint with Sony UK after they were selected for a worldwide TV campaign for both Sony Xperia Z3 Phone and Walls/Unilever, and have released a handful of digital single and EP releases.

Ryan Riback

Ryan Riback, is most notably known for his remix of Australian pop artist, Starley‘s debut single “Call On Me” which has reached worldwide success with over 615,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. The record additionally hit went platinum around the world, reaching platinum status in the United Stated, Canada, UK and Germany and reaching triple platinum status in Australia. Riback has become one of the most in demand remixers in the scene and has worked on mixes from big names like, Kelly Clarkson, Clean Bandit and Maroon 5, to just name a few.

The new remix package for sees the producers taking the single in a a variety of new directions and sounds. Teo Mandrelli strips the track down for a piano-driven take on the verses, but delivers bombastic synths over the hook. Jared Martson strips things down even further, creating a hypnotic deep house groove building on one vocal break of the lyrics. MC4D brighten things up with their electrified house mix, while Panny DJ brings the track to the dance floor with a strong driving back-beat.

Watch the music video for “This Feeling” below:

This Feeling (Remixes) Track-listing:

  1. This Feeling (Teo Mandrelli Remix)
  2. This Feeling (Jared Martson Remix Radio Edit)
  3. This Feeling (MC4D Remix)
  4. This Feeling (PANNY Remix)
  5. This Feeling (Jared Martson Remix)
  6. This Feeling (MC4D Remix Extended)


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