Manchester dance collective MDNGHT fine tune elements of house, balearic beats and disco to create celestial anthems that glide into the late night ether.

MDNGHT take their inspiration from a number of sources: the house revival that acts such as Disclosure and Clean Bandit have made the top trend of the U.K. and now, increasingly, the U.S. as well; the drifty, tropical dance music that’s swept Europe for the past several years; the synths that strobe across dance floors during the, well, midnight hour.

On stage, J (vocals) Will and Ant (guitars) and Lloyd (DJ/percussion) perform a live show that has more in common with a club night than a traditional ‘gig’ setting, merging the energy of a live band with the relentless, euphoric excitement of a DJ set. Early live reviews described the bands sound as ‘sophisticated disco inspired house’ with an onstage charisma and energy that, “hits you like a sugar rush.”

“Breeze,” expands on their nocturnal sound. Flecks of guitar, piano stabs and wall-of-sound background vocals gathering around Jordan Lewin’s breathy falsetto; the lyrics may be about faffing about and going where the breeze blows, but sonically, it’s a gust. The video nods to MDNGHT’s live-house background while providing an ideal dusky, half-urban half-beachside visual accompaniment.”

MDNGHT released their single “Breeze” in North America on October 13, 2014. “Breeze” is available to purchase on iTunes. “Breeze” is also available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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