Bart Claessen

A supplier of a diverse scope of EDM styles and a master of them all, Bart Claessen has established himself as one of The Netherlands’ most intuitive and musically versatile producers. With his very first track (2001’s “On The Move”) he scored national top 10 hits in over 10 countries. Most recent releases like “Fantomah” and “King of Kongs” have seen his music pop on the playlists of more house-orientated DJs. Through a litany of club hits (“Playamo,” “Elf,” “Hartseer,” “First Light” and numerous others) his music has fed floors with one seismic moment after another.

“Showtime” is one of Bart Claessen’s latest tracks and his first to come out on the Radikal Records imprint. Progressive, big room house mixed modern electro is the formula for this track. Aggressive and bold, “Showtime” is sure to be a dance floor smasher on any house set.

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