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Ayah Marar Heats Up On The Billboard Charts

Billboard had a couple nice things to say about Ayah Marar this morning. Today, the Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts reveal that Calvin Harris' track "Thinking About You" rose to No. 1 marking this the first No. 1 for Ayah

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Vice's Thump Interviews Ayah Marar

Vice's electronic channel, Thump just posted up a great review with Ayah Marar. In the interview, Ayah talks about her come up, working with Calvin Harris, her record cialis viagra and levitra label Hussle Girl, dance

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Joonbug Interviews Ayah Marar

Last week, Joonbug interviewed Bombs Away. This week, they interviewed Ayah Marar and reviewed her debut album The Real. Joonbug drops some words about The Real calling it "empowering, catchy, extraordinary, and

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Diffuser.fm Chats With Ayah Marar

Music website, Diffuser.fm recently sat down with Ayah Marar for a quick interview. In diffuser's interview Ayah talks about her collaborations with Calvin Harris, the EDM scene, her debut album The Real, and more. You

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Your EDM Interviews Ayah Marar (Video)

While Ayah Marar was in NYC a few weeks ago, she had a chance to sit down with Your EDM of a video interview. In the video, Ayah discusses her recent collaborations, her favorite tracks at the moment, her label Hustle

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Fresh New Tracks Interviews Ayah Marar

In this Fresh New Tracks exclusive, Ayah talks about working with Calvin Harris, her debut album The Real, her past, and a lot more. In case you were wondering, Ayah likes to describe her music as "Epic Doom Pop" and we

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Ayah Marar's "The Real" Featured On EDM Sauce

Our buddies over at EDM Sauce recently posted up a nice feature on Ayah Marar's debut album The Real. EDM Sauce also posted up the video clip for the breakthrough Calvin Harris single "Thinking About You," which

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