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DJs From Mars Mashup Bastille And The Verve

djs from mars - trap and bass

Djs from Mars recently posted up a new mashup called “Bittersweet Pompeii,” which features Bastille’s “Pompeii” and The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” What seems like a strange pairing actually go together quite well. The vocals on “Pompeii” flow over the strings of “Bittersweet Symphony” before breaking into an all out trap and bass track. The martians also included lyrics in the clip too, in case you wanted to sing along.

Djs From Mars single, “Phat Ass Drop” is now out on radikal for stream/download.

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Insane (In Da Brain), the new single from Italian bootleggers Djs From Mars will be available soon on Radikal Records. Insane (In Da Brain) features the German powerhouse project Fragma and the accompanying music video has already become a viral sensation. The video pays homage to some of the best videos in dance and pop music like 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Chemical Brothers, Bruno Mars, and more. Check out the video below…