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Timmy Trumpet And DJ Tenzin Revamp The Classic Wife Beater

Aria topping DJ, Timmy Trumpet has teamed up with DJ Tenzin (music director of Australian fashion week) to create some of the sickest wife beaters around through their new company, Wifebeaterz. The classic wife beater has evolved into a staple for taste-makers and festival goers alike. Mixing classic punk-rock style with vibrant colors and attractive dj logos – these tees are how you get noticed! Click here for more info and additional styles for Swedish House Mafia, Minx, Bombs Away, and More!


Insane (In Da Brain), the new single from Italian bootleggers Djs From Mars will be available soon on Radikal Records. Insane (In Da Brain) features the German powerhouse project Fragma and the accompanying music video has already become a viral sensation. The video pays homage to some of the best videos in dance and pop music like 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Chemical Brothers, Bruno Mars, and more. Check out the video below…