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TGIF, Wideboys – The Word

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Wideboys The Word on YouTube and buy your copy on iTunes, Beatport, or right off our website!

Wideboys are Eddie Craig and Jim Sullivan, a dynamic DJ/production duo that have managed to amass an impressive catalogue over the years. Their list of official remixes touts big names such as Rihanna, Snoop Dog, Katy Perry and Lady GaGa. However, their latest offering, “The Word,” is an original production that has seen significant success in the dance charts!

Just press play!

The Aftermath of the Chris Brown and Drake Fight May Be Damaging to NYC Nightlife

Hautenightlife provided a full, in-depth look into the now infamous Chris Brown and Drake bottle fight at W.i.P and the impact it may have on New York City Nightlife. The official voice of the NYC nightlife scene anonymous Twitter @NYNightlife gives his take on the aftermath.

“The aftermath of the Chris Brown and Drake bottle throwing incident at W.i.P. late last Wednesday night is far more complex than the widely viewed photo of shattered glass on the floor of an empty nightclub. The media has had a field day at the expense of a nightclub, the overall safety of bottle service is being questioned, a nightclub manager has been arrested by the NYPD and lawsuits seem to be piling up from the bloody victims of the bottle brawl. What does this all mean for nightlife?

America is a tremendously litigious country, so it is no surprise to see the victims suing W.i.P., but is the club truly the party responsible for the bottle throwing brawl? Isn’t W.i.P. a victim as well?

The media attention upped the police attention enough to temporarily close two nightclubs. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told press that W.i.P. had “several violations, in a stipulation agreement that was made between the owners and the NYPD.”

Often times in nightlife, nightclubs are guilty until proven innocent (Jigga, Kelly not guilty). But what about Drake and Meek Mill who allegedly started the fracas? Should they be held accountable for W.i.P. lost revenue and tarnished image?

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is now questioning the safety of bottle service. Even if a bottle service ban was in place, couldn’t people still throw glassware? Or is nightlife banning glassware as well? Maybe City officials want patrons using Solo Cups at nightclubs a la backyard barbecues. Christine Quinn is set to meet with Paul Seres, President of the New York Nightlife Association later this week.”

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Jay-Z Moves To The Forefront Of The EDM “Revolution”

Billboard Magazine sat down with hip-hop’s billionaire mogul, Jay-Z to discuss his recent business venture with Budweiser’s Made in America Festival and the future of his career following the birth of his daughter. A trendsetter in his own right, Sean Carter has built a career through strategic business choices that have placed him at the forefront of pop and urban culture. Logically, Carter expressed his interest in America’s latest fascination, electronic music.

His label, Roc Nation, teamed up with EDM Management company Three Six Zero Group in July of 2010. This partnership has spawned a number of prolific collaborations including the monstrous Rihanna release, We Found Love and Swedish House Mafia‘s Calling (Lose My Mind) . To date, the company supports a variety of artists and labels – with Fly Eye (Calvin Harris), Refune (Sebastian Ingrosso), Diffused (Michael Woods), and Rising (Chris Lake) all on the roster. Carter described what initially attracted him to the EDM movement,

I love revolutions. Hip-hop was a revolution. Grunge was a revolution. Electronic dance music feels like a revolution, it feels like the kids’ music. I just wanna be a part of it, we have a huge footprint in it which is great for us.”

While EDM’s commercialization appears imminent, American audiences are embracing the change. Festivals have caught the attention of money-hungry investors and genre-blending releases are becoming a staple. Although this evolution is exposing the music to legions of new fans, Pete Tong warned it will isolate the underground community and “destroy the scene“. No matter whose side you are on one fact is undeniable; Carter’s business venture was the driving force behind some incredible releases.


Insane (In Da Brain), the new single from Italian bootleggers Djs From Mars will be available soon on Radikal Records. Insane (In Da Brain) features the German powerhouse project Fragma and the accompanying music video has already become a viral sensation. The video pays homage to some of the best videos in dance and pop music like 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Chemical Brothers, Bruno Mars, and more. Check out the video below…