• ayah inforty

    Inforty Reviews The Real

    Inforty recently posted a really great review of Ayah Marar’s debut album The Real. Inforty called The Real “the most adventurous underground dance albums this year” and the album contains “sounds never fall into the trap of monotony that most dance rock succumbs to.” You can have a look at[…]

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  • marco-v---vibeaddict

    Marco V's "Lotus (Limitless)" Featured On Vibe Addict

    Music blog, Vibe Addict recently did a nice feature for the killer Marco V & Doctors In Florence track “Lotus (Limitless).” Vibe addict was left “speechless” after listening to the track, and recalls it not sounding like a carbon-copy of any other progressive house track. Check out the main review[…]

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  • ayah marar earmilk may

    Ayah Marar’s “Lethal Dose” Featured On Earmilk

    Ayah Marar is once again featured in Earmilk, who previously featured Ayah in their influencer’s series. Now, Earmilk has got the latest video for “Lethal Dose” posted up on their website. Earmilk regard the video as “a vulnerable and exposed version of the Jordanian beauty we’ve never seen before.” They[…]

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  • ayah marar vibe

    Ayah Marar Featured In Vibe

    Recently Vibe Magazine posted up a feature on Ayah Marar’s latest single and video “Lethal Dose.” On “Lethal Dose,” Vibe says “‘Lethal Dose’ takes the YouTube screen and reveals a more sensitive and vulnerable side of Ayah we haven’t seen before, addressing the effects of emotional and physical addiction.” Check[…]

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