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Inforty Reviews The Real

ayah inforty

Inforty recently posted a really great review of Ayah Marar’s debut album The Real. Inforty called The Real “the most adventurous underground dance albums this year” and the album contains “sounds never fall into the trap of monotony that most dance rock succumbs to.” You can have a look at the full review below, and find the original article here.
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Raw Tracks Music Reviews Ayah Marar's "The Real"

ayah marar - raw tracks music review

Ayah Marar’s The Real may not be out till tomorrow, but it’s not stopping the blogs from buzzing about it. Raw Tracks Music recently did a review about it, and they had a lot of good stuff to say. They speak about the “kaleidoscopic” tendencies the album has, which Raw Tracks Music says “ake inspiration from the underground dance scene, cherry-picking the very best elements of drum and bass, techno and house and bolting them onto well-crafted pop hooks that look set to shatter dance floors.” You can read the full review here or check it out below.

Well known amongst the electronic music community in the UK, Ayah’s dedication to her music has earned her the rightful title of “The Queen Of Bass.” Her debut album, ”The Real” has been attracting widespread attention and critical acclaim, with a recent Vibe Magazine interview, Music Week featuring her song “Alive” as Track Of The Week, and Ayah winning Best Female Artist in the 2013 Drum And Bass Awards. Ayah’s fan-base is strong and promises to continue growing with the US release of “The Real” due out on July 9th this year.

Dance music is a broad church, but within each parish there’s usually a set of rules. A doesn’t always go with B, and X shouldn’t really mix with Y, but sometimes those rules are meant to be broken or manipulated into odd new shapes. Ayah Marar’s kaleidoscopic debut album, “The Real,” is a case in point: thirteen songs that take inspiration from the underground dance scene, cherry-picking the very best elements of drum and bass, techno and house and bolting them onto well-crafted pop hooks that look set to shatter dance floors. “It’s an homage to dance music in whatever form, whether it’s garage or two step or house or drum and bass,” she explains.

With seemingly every other new pop star trying to marry a gargantuan dance beat to a pretty melody, it’s a competitive world. The difference here is that Ayah Marar isn’t faking it. She lives the life of an underground dance fiend, of a DJ and MC, of a strong woman in a male-dominated industry. Her two worlds, the underground and the mainstream, have been brought together organically, co-existing in a way that sounds fresh rather than forced. “I’m trying something that I don’t think has been done in the way we’re trying to do it,” Marar states. “It’s what I love to do; it’s trying to find that balance.”

Ayah Marar’s debut album The Real will be out tomorrow, but check it out now on our website! Click the artwork below to listen/purchase.
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Marco V's "Lotus (Limitless)" Featured On Vibe Addict


Music blog, Vibe Addict recently did a nice feature for the killer Marco V & Doctors In Florence track “Lotus (Limitless).” Vibe addict was left “speechless” after listening to the track, and recalls it not sounding like a carbon-copy of any other progressive house track. Check out the main review here or read it below.
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Ayah Marar’s “Lethal Dose” Featured On Earmilk

ayah marar earmilk may

Ayah Marar is once again featured in Earmilk, who previously featured Ayah in their influencer’s series. Now, Earmilk has got the latest video for “Lethal Dose” posted up on their website. Earmilk regard the video as “a vulnerable and exposed version of the Jordanian beauty we’ve never seen before.” They say that Ayah has “found an organic balance between the world of the underground and mainstream, while effortlessly staying afloat in a male dominated industry.” We are just as stoked as they are to release her debut album The Real this summer! Check out the video for “Lethal Dose” below, and check out the original earmilk post here.
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Ayah Marar Featured In Vibe

ayah marar vibe

Recently Vibe Magazine posted up a feature on Ayah Marar’s latest single and video “Lethal Dose.” On “Lethal Dose,” Vibe says “‘Lethal Dose’ takes the YouTube screen and reveals a more sensitive and vulnerable side of Ayah we haven’t seen before, addressing the effects of emotional and physical addiction.” Check out the video below, and original post on Vibe here. “Lethal Dose” is off Ayah Marar’s upcoming album The Real, which will be available on Radikal later this summer!

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Slop Rock’s “Super Dope” Featured On Metalectro

slop rock metalectro

This just in, Metalectro just did a nice little feature of Slop Rock’s “Super Dope.” The Gigi Barocco remix seems to be the most popular out of all of the mixes, and Metalectro featured both versions of his remix on the site. You could find the original post on Metalectro here.