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Darth & Vader's "Power Trip" Featured On "Under The Influence" Podcast

PowerTrip Album Art - Radikal copy

Episode 51 of Rubicon 7‘s “Under The Influence” featured Darth & Vader’s latest single “Power Trip.” The track can be heard around the 3:15 mark. Check out the podcast here, and check out the single below.

Darth & Vader ft Laura Brehm – Power Trip (Extended Mix) by Radikal Records
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Darth & Vader's "Power Trip" Featured On We All Hit Play

darth and vader we all hit play

This summer’s electro-house anthem, “Power Trip” from Darth & Vader is featured on the music blog We All Hit Play. The brazilian duo also worked with Colorado-born vocalist Laura Brehm, who lent her gentle vocals to the track and added a new dimension to the already great track. Check out the post over on Well All Hit Play here, and check out the video clip for the track below.
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Dancing Astronaut Features Darth & Vader's "Power Trip"

darth and vader dancing astronaut

Radikal’s newest single “Power Trip” from the Brazilian electronic producer, Darth And Vader is already seeing some buzz on the internet. Take Dancing Astronaut, who posted up a review of the track not long ago. Dancing Astronaut says that “Power Trip” “reigns as a strong indicator to pastures greener for electro house’s latest hard-hitting contender.” The music blog as commented on featured vocalist, Laura Brehm remarking that she “sits inoffensively into the equation, leaving the duo to successfully execute a universally tuned concoction of high-end electro house wizardry.” Have a listen for yourself below and read the full article from Dancing Astronaut here. “Power Trip” will be available on July 16th.

Darth & Vader ft Laura Brehm – Power Trip by Radikal Records

Click below to pre-order the “Power Trip” single from iTunes.

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Darth & Vader

darth and vader

Darth & Vader is one of the main electro house projects from Brazil. With influences of complextro, dirty electro, dubstep, rock and progressive, it was created as a duo in 2010, being ruled just by Hugo since the beginning of 2012.

Born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro and having musical experiences since the age of nine, when began playing the guitar, Hugo Castellan has always been a rock’n’roll lover and had many bands of the style through his adolescence. 2007 was the year when he first heard and also fell in love with electronic music, which made him study musical production and create his full on project called Harmonika. Two years later and wishing to produce and explore new sounds, came the idea of releasing Darth & Vader, with heavier and more complex basslines.

The project’s second release, Dataloss’s Freefire remix, reached the third position on Beatport Top 10 Electro House contest, having competed against big names like Afrojack and Deadmau5, and was crucial for the recognition of Darth & Vader. Its other highlights are the remix for the Dj Maxsie & Alex Speaker’s Hey Yo track, used in Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex’s presentations, and the Return of the Jedi original mix, also played by DJ Moby.

With huge recognition from north to south of Brazil, Darth & Vader has already played in the biggest clubs and festivals of its home country. The project has also been in the Unites Stated and Mexico, where was greatly received, and has tours scheduled again in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for the year of 2012.

Hugo Castellan is a professional totally focused on invigorating his productions, aiming his music’s evolution and perfection. The result of the mixture between all that discipline and talent are imposing tracks and presentations, that make themselves unforgettable wherever the project goes and definitely worth being heard and seen.

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