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Salt Ashes Releases New Single “Raided,” Available Now on Radikal Records

Salt Ashes - Raided

Emerging singer Salt Ashes releases her new single, “Raided” today, March 10th, 2015 on Radikal Records. Obsessed with Giorgio Moroder’s blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres, Salt Ashes, aka 22 year old Veiga Sanchez, broke into the dance music scene last year with the release of several singles and accompanying remixes.

“Raided” sees Salt Ashes building upon her unique blend of synth-pop, but taking her sound in a slightly darker direction. Clash Magazine, who premiered the track, spoke with Salt Ashes about her inspiration behind the single.

“A friend took me to an underground club in Berlin that reminded me of Warhol’s ‘Factory’. Everyone seemed to be escaping the outside world, hiding whatever secret or story they had. I became fascinated by them and tried to imagine what their real stories were which lead me to write ‘Raided’.”

The music video for “Raided” was directed by Debbie Scanlan and Liz Adams of De La Muerte Films, who worked with Salt Ashes on her previous video for “If You Let Me Go.” In an interview with Wonderland Magazine Salt Ashes spoke on the video:

“I wanted to create something with a dark B-movie, late-night kind of vibe, probably because I’d been watching a lot of Neo-noir, thriller movies at the time. We wanted to create something trippy and surreal with the idea of allowing the viewer to decide what is and isn’t reality.”

“Raided” is available now for download on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Beatport. The single is also available for streaming on Spotify.

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Wonderland Magazine Premieres Music Video for Salt Ashes ‘Raided’

Salt Ashes - Wonderland Magazine PremiereWonderland Magazine has just premiered the music video for Salt Ashes’ new single, ‘Raided.’ You can pre-order ‘Raided’ on iTunes now, with the track being released worldwide tomorrow, March 10th, 2015 on Radikal Records.

Salt Ashes’ strain of pop music explores the darkness in disco, with its deep, cold electronics matched with the light, almost shimmering tones of Sanchez’s voice. With her debut single, ‘Somebody’, Sanchez was eager to convey a break-up with industrial synths, arpeggiators, yearning vocal and a rather erotic video.

Building on that ‘Raided’ has more complexity in its materials. The sparse, house-y verses take tips from minimal R&B, while the vocal sits firmly in the ethereal. Meanwhile, driving percussion is matched with pumps of electronics, wooshing pads and a chorus that catches you with first listen. With the video, Sanchez is exploring her dark side again. “I wanted to create something with a dark B-movie, late-night kind of vibe,” she says, “probably because I’d been watching a lot of Neo-noir, thriller movies at the time.” - Alim Kheraj (Wonderland Magazine)

Click here to read Wonderland Magazine’s full write-up.

The music video was directed by Debbie Scanlan and Liz Adams of De La Muerte Films, who worked with Salt Ashes on her previous video for “If You Let Me Go.” Check out the music video for ‘Raided’ below, and be sure to pre-order the track on iTunes.

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Earmilk Premiers I.O.U.’s Music Video For “Greatest Time Of My Life”

Freshly premiered on Earmilk, I.O.U. is back with a set of visuals to accompany their latest single “Greatest Time Of My Life” off their debut album “The Soul & The Intellect”! Press play on the video above, and read below what Earmilk had to say about Buck and Izee’s new single, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Mp3:

Laidback Buck and Methodical Izee, the wildest Jersey boys continue to gain positive momentum in the rap game with their debut album, The Soul & The Intellect. Andrew Bucker and Isaiah McNeil formed, Inside Our Universe at Rutgers University back in 2010 with the college anthem, “Rutgers State of Mind”!

The boys are back with stunning visuals for their 2nd single off the debut album, “Greatest Time Of My Life” directed by Jean Isaacs. The video portrays the group’s refined pop/hip-hop sounds that eclipse the standard radio poppy rap. The lyricism of the single serves as a reminder that is it important to be present with reality and appreciate things as they are. This record was produced with an uplifting beat that compliments the motivational lyrics that is best served on a summery night with a glass on the rocks. The spirited and up-tempo record will fuel any night of ratchet partying and oddly instill the passion to pursue your dreams!

The entire album is self-produced and released via the independent label, Radikal Records.

Tumblr Tuesday: “Swagger” Gifs From Bombs Away!



For this week’s edition of Radikal’s “Tumblr Tuesdays,” here are some gifs from “Swagger” by the party bass kings themselves, Bombs Away! Enjoy!

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Calvin Harris Releases Devilish New Video For “Drinking From The Bottle”

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris is never one to follow the trends of others, and it certainly shows in his new video for “Drinking From The Bottle,” that explores the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, where drugs, prostitution, and violence run rampant. On top of showing the shocking truth behind the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, the video stars none other than the Devil himself, who, in between setting people on fire, smoking marijuana, and drunk driving, is galavanting around tinseltown with strippers and the homeless. No doubt that this fact alone will stir up quite a bit of controversy, but in our humble opinion, it is a refreshing wake-up call from other popular music videos, even if it does push limits. Check it out above, and let us know what you think!

New Gifs On The Official Radikal Tumblr!

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