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Marco V's "Lotus (Limitless) Featured On Marshmallow Gun

marco v marshmallow gun

Marco V and Doctors in Florence’s “Lotus (Limitless)” is still proving popular with the bloggers. Case in point, Marshmallow Gun recently posted up the video and a small write up for the track. Marshmallow Gun remarks the song as a great clash or progressive house with the signature electronic sound of Marco V. The vocals from Jade Ross are also favored here as well. Check out the original post here!
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Marco V's "Lotus (Limitless)" Featured On Vibe Addict


Music blog, Vibe Addict recently did a nice feature for the killer Marco V & Doctors In Florence track “Lotus (Limitless).” Vibe addict was left “speechless” after listening to the track, and recalls it not sounding like a carbon-copy of any other progressive house track. Check out the main review here or read it below.
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Marco V & Doctors In Florence’s “Lotus (Limitless)” Featured On Filthy Slaps

marco v filthy slaps

Music blog, Filthy Slaps recently featured the new single from Marco V & Doctors In Florence “Lotus (limitless). The single been so far seeing heavy blog and radio play, with Filthy Slaps calling it “Nothing too complicated here, just a solid slap to get your blood flowing from one of the more prestigious DJ’s in the game.” Check out the single below, and find the original Filthy Slaps article here.
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marco v are at it again with another one of our latest Radikal singles. This time they posted up the amazing new track from Marco V & Doctors in Florence, “Lotus (Limitless)” Featuring great vocals from Jade Ross. Check out the original posting on here. You can also stream “Lotus (Limitless)” below.

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Marco V’s “Lotus (Limitless)” Hits The Energy 98 Charts

marco v energy 98

Just released, and already Marco V’s latest single “Lotus (Limitless)” is seeing some airplay on a leading radio station. Energy 98 has the track being played over on their “listening room” playlist for this week. “Lotus (Limitless)” is currently sitting at #16 on the charts, but this banger is destined to climb up soon. Let’s see this move up! Check out the track below.

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Marco V & Doctors In Florence


Born in the Dutch lowlands of Heeswijk-Dinther, Marco Verkuijlen has established himself as one of the most inventive, diverse and creative electronic music minds working today. Through his very first releases he became the architect of tech-trance; a sound that went on to become a fully-fledged electronic music phenomena. Continually modifying and fine-tuning his style ever since, he has gone on to create numerous leading-edge dance classics – ‘Godd’, ‘Indicator’, ‘Echnalava’, ‘More Than A Life Away’ & ‘Coma Aid’ numbered among them. Behind the decks he has smashed nights in all the world’s farthest corners, played a near uncountable number of tent-pole events for the scene’s flagship club & festival brands. As a result of which he has spent the last 7 consecutive years inside the ranks of DJ Magazine’s Top 50.

Doctors In Florence is a progressive house team founded by Dj Rehnoir, Fabio Andromeda and Mike Lucas.
Since 2009 their productions have marked the history of Italian Progressive House. their first production with this project was “God Save The Rhythm” released by Intensive Recordings in 2010 and after they started a collaboration with Adaptor Recordings. “Back 2 Life” , “Kindred Spirit” and the remixes of “Adagio For Strings“,”River Flows In You“, “If I Could Fall (Licensed By Ultra and Armada Rec)“and “Ruby Rain” are the fruits of this collaboration and theese tracks appeares on a lot of compilations, playlist, and dj chart all over the world.