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Joonbug Interviews Ayah Marar

ayah joonbug

Last week, Joonbug interviewed Bombs Away. This week, they interviewed Ayah Marar and reviewed her debut album The Real. Joonbug drops some words about The Real calling it “empowering, catchy, extraordinary, and emotional.” Also remarking Ayah’s killer vocals. After the review, Joonbug goes into an interview with Ayah. Ayah delves deeper into the inspiration of the album and meanings behind some of the tracks. You can check out the full review on Joonbug here.
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Fresh New Tracks Interviews Bombs Away


While in Atlantic City, Bombs Away took some time out while on their North America tour to talk with Fresh New Tracks. FNT dug up some dirt on the boy’s inspiration, being icons in Australia, collaborations, Miley Cyrus, and more. In addition to that, Bombs Away shared a new track called “Assassinate,” which you can hear below. Check out the full interview over at Fresh New Tracks here.
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Hot Band Boys Interviews Ayah Marar

hot band boys

Music blog, Hot Band Boys recently posted a great interview with Ayah Marar. In their interview Ayah talks about her travels, sea-sick pirates, dream collabs, and more. Read the interview below and check out the original post here.

As multi-cultural international artist, you do a lot of traveling, what would you say is your favorite place to visit?

It depends on the time of year I guess, I mean New York right now is absolutely perfect. I’m really loving it, I love America in general, the West Coast is wonderful, otherwise we’ve toured in Australia a few years ago, and that was really fun so , it depends on the time of year but I have to say each place has its own charm.

I watched your video for “Thinking About You” and it looked like you had a pretty big swell and high waves- did anybody get sick at the shoot?

They did actually! One of the pirates got seasick (one of the people that shouldn’t have gotten sea sick) . Yeah, everyone else was fine,

On that single you worked with Calvin Harris, what other people would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I’d love to work with people like Dizzie Rascal, Kendrick Lamar would be awesome, Sean Paul , quite a few on the list!

One of our shirts from our clothing line says “Dream Big” on it, and it reminded me of something that I read in your bio which was that you left the country of Jordan at the age of 17 to accomplish your dreams, so have you had any setbacks and how did you handle that?

Of course, I mean you have setbacks when it comes to how you live and how you make money, and whether or not people genuinely care about you, I suppose it is something that anyone would encounter but I suppose being far from home makes it a bit harder, but um I think anything is possible after that.

I also read in your bio that your job is to a songwriter, performer, run a label – to be involved in all parts of the industry, you do everything, so how do you handle that?

Multitasking, we’re women, we’re good at multitasking. I try to find time to do everything and if not, I trust people’s opinions who are around me. I tend to try to find ways to get what I need from them, and at the same time forge my life in other ways. I think nowadays you have to be, you can’t just be a singer or performer, you have to be able to be a businesswoman and entrepreneur in a way, but that’s just the start of it, hopefully it will take off

Have you had a difficult time keeping your underground dance music roots as you make your way into the mainstream?

I don’t think I’m going to go much further into the mainstream, to be honest with you, I mean Calvin [Harris] and I have been friends for a very long time, so this was something we did for the 10th anniversary of our meeting- we decided to write a song together, it’s all very soppy. But I’m an underground artist and I always will be. It’s very important to me to stay underground. And while dance music is big, we’re lucky to be able to kind of push through, but who knows it might be guitar music next year or folk music the next, I don’t know

How do you hope to inspire or pave the way for future artists that want to do the same as you?

Um I don’t know how much I can inspire them, but I can show them that you can try to find ways to make things your own- you can start things yourself, and you can carry htem on yourself, and it’s good to ally yourself with people around you that know what they’re doing. There’s never been a better time to be making music, you can be anybody from anywhere and make a song in your bedroom in Peru and become a sensation on YouTube overnight. There aren’t any rules anymore, that’s what makes it exciting for me that the doors are wide open.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More music, hopefully more club nights, maybe like a club tour of some sort maybe more collaborations.

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Arsenic Magazine Interviews Ayah Marar

AYAH MARAR - Arsenic Mag

Arsenic Magazine posted a very good interview with Ayah Marar recently. In this new interview, Ayah Marar speaks up on her upbringing, hip-hop’s influence on her music, leaving Jordan to pursue a music career in the UK, and much more. Check out the full interview here or check it below.
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Ayah Marar Talks To The Irish Times


Ayah Marar took some time out to talk to The Irish Times in this new interview. If you ever were wondering how to pronounce her name (eye-ah), she reveals the mystery in the interview. In addition to such, she talks about her album The Real, upcoming studio plans, her label, working with Calvin Harris, and more. Read the interview below. You can check out the original post here.

First off, how do I actually pronounce your name?
Eye-ah. Everyone says Aye-yeah but it’s easier than that.

You’ve written with Toddla T, Jack Peñate and collaborated with Calvin Harris. You must have a very rounded view of the music industry.
I don’t know about rounded. I feel like I’ve built my own sector in the music industry just dipping in and out of different scenes. I mean, I’m underground and I always will be , and anything I do in the mainstream will highlight what the people on my side of the industry can do and as long as I can carry that banner, I will.

You’ve been accorded the title ‘Queen of Dubstep’. That’s not too bad.
It’s absolutely amazing! Queen of Bass also. It’s awesome.

Your wardrobe is savage. You should start wearing a crown onstage.
Savage? I like that. That’s awesome. Yeah, I got a crown tattoo the other day so I think I’ve got it locked. (She later tweeted: “Burger King cardboard crown maybe?”)

Your album The Real was released in October, you’ve had the big singles Mind Controller, Unstoppable, Alive and The Raver and we’re on the brink of festival season. Are you exhausted?
Not at all. Sometimes you think, “I’ve been doing this for so long” and your body is tired but your mind isn’t – so it’s like you wanna do stuff but sometimes it catches up with you. I never want to stop, so I’m finding ways to push myself further.

Are you working on your second album?

I had a moment at the start of this year where I said “let’s get onto album two” but now I think I’ll stick to singles for a while because I wanted to make an album and I did. But it’s not an album market now, especially with dance music, so I’m going to do a lot of writing and hopefully follow up with one of my own.

Tell me about your label, Hussle Girl.
Hussle is more of an umbrella. It started because I try to collect people along the way, especially strong women in the industry, but men too! I really want to start something like an agency for musicians and performers and people who make films, stylists and anyone to do with the music industry where they can come in and work together and help aspiring artists. So what I’m trying to do with the label is really gain a respect and a following.

You’re on Calvin Harris’s next single, Thinking About You. How do you feel about that track?
I love it! I’ve known Calvin for a very long time and now he’s smashing it and I am super proud of him. We wrote that and really enjoyed it. We didn’t think it would be a single but the response was so wonderful. It’s a coup again for
underground music. Hopefully, it will prove to people that we can do it.

Your career has been intertwining with Calvin’s for years now.

Yeah, we met in London about 10 years ago. He’s one of my closest friends and I love him to bits.

Have you been to Ireland before?

I toured with Calvin a few years ago and we were up in Giant’s Causeway and in Dublin. It was wonderful. I can’t wait to come back – it’s going to be awesome.

Sea Sessions is partly a surfing festival. Are you into that?
I am, funnily enough. I started last year and got on a surfboard for the first time. I’m well into it.

What should we expect from your Sea Sessions set?
It will be dirty, dark and bassy. Ha! It’s like a mini club experience for half an hour

The Real will be available July 9th, but you can stream/pre-order it right from our website. Click the artwork below.
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