• ayah joonbug

    Joonbug Interviews Ayah Marar

    Last week, Joonbug interviewed Bombs Away. This week, they interviewed Ayah Marar and reviewed her debut album The Real. Joonbug drops some words about The Real calling it “empowering, catchy, extraordinary, and emotional.” Also remarking Ayah’s killer vocals. After the review, Joonbug goes into an interview with Ayah. Ayah delves[…]

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  • Bombs-Away-PRESS-WEBwLogo

    Fresh New Tracks Interviews Bombs Away

    While in Atlantic City, Bombs Away took some time out while on their North America tour to talk with Fresh New Tracks. FNT dug up some dirt on the boy’s inspiration, being icons in Australia, collaborations, Miley Cyrus, and more. In addition to that, Bombs Away shared a new track[…]

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  • hot band boys

    Hot Band Boys Interviews Ayah Marar

    Music blog, Hot Band Boys recently posted a great interview with Ayah Marar. In their interview Ayah talks about her travels, sea-sick pirates, dream collabs, and more. Read the interview below and check out the original post here. As multi-cultural international artist, you do a lot of traveling, what would[…]

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  • AYAH MARAR - Arsenic Mag

    Arsenic Magazine Interviews Ayah Marar

    Arsenic Magazine posted a very good interview with Ayah Marar recently. In this new interview, Ayah Marar speaks up on her upbringing, hip-hop’s influence on her music, leaving Jordan to pursue a music career in the UK, and much more. Check out the full interview here or check it below.

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  • ayah-marar

    Ayah Marar Talks To The Irish Times

    Ayah Marar took some time out to talk to The Irish Times in this new interview. If you ever were wondering how to pronounce her name (eye-ah), she reveals the mystery in the interview. In addition to such, she talks about her album The Real, upcoming studio plans, her label,[…]

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