• IOU shoot by jovelle tamayo


    Step inside their universe, and get to know ,I.O.U., acronym for Inside Our Universe, comprised of Izee and Buck, two young artists from South Brunswick, NJ who have created a following with their clean mainstream pop/hip-hop sound, comparable to acts such as Black Eyed Peas, and Outkast. The boys rose[…]

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  • IOUinterview

    FreshNewTracks.com Interviews I.O.U.

    Our friends at FreshNewTracks.com had a chance to speak with the NJ hip hop duo about the release of their debut album “The Soul & The Intellect,” what they do for fun, what inspires them, and much more! Below is an excerpt of the interview, and you can read the[…]

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  • IOURadikal

    I.O.U. Featured On FreshNewTracks.com

    FreshNewTracks.com picked up on I.O.U.’s lead single off their debut album “The Soul & The Intellect” and here’s what they had to say about the track: It’s 2014, and Jersey duo I.O.U. aka Inside Our Universe is not wasting any time releasing their first single “The Other Side Of Fear”[…]

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