• Phat Ass Drop featured on ElektroDaily.com

    Do you want to be an EDM producer? Sure, everybody does… the problem is that most people don’t know where to start. However, we have DJs From Mars to help us out… DJs From Mars’ tongue-in-cheek ‘How To Make A Club Track’ Phat Ass Drop music video was featured on ElektroDaily.com, you[…]

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  • DJs from Mars

    Shout out to Saucy Ent!

    “Wow DJ’s From Mars have really out done themselves with this sick video breaking down the process of producing a club banger today.” ….Here’s what @SaucyTron at our friends at SaucyEnt.com had to say about DJs From Mars most recent release ‘Phat Ass Drop’ Go check out the link right[…]

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