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Chinkong And Karina’s Single High Up Gets Europopped

Europopped is a Europop blog by an American appreciator of all things Eurozone. The blog recently featured Chinkong and Karina’s new single High Up! Check out the review and the D’Lebedev Moscow remix, below.

Everyone wants to get high acros the Atlantic lately. Or at least “high up,” as Russia’s Chin Kong (seriously that’s his rather memorable name) and Karina Koks might say. The pair just debuted their video for “High Up” and it’s looking pretty good this morning. As far as I can tell this is new-ish DJ/producer Chin Kong’s international coming out party as a solo name of note. I wrote about him last year when he appeared alongside DJ Smash – But now he’s raising his profile with a tune (in English) with Karina Koks, another talent from Russia I’ve touched on, most notably via her association with DJ M.E.G. Together, Chin and Karina have crafted a catchy tune.

ChinKong And Karina Will Compete At The Russian National Eurovision Finals With Their Song High Up!

ChinKong and Karina will compete with other 24 participants in The Russian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow, March 7th. Karina Koks has already achieved super star status in her native Russia with her girl group Slivki. Tune in to the competition tomorrow to see if High Up! makes the cut! If you would like to purchase High Up! or to stream the original mix click here.