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    PM Studio features Salt Ashes’ “Save It”

    Singer-songwriter Salt Ashes has been featured on PM Studio for her latest single, titled “Save It”. On May 6th Salt Ashes, a Brighton-based songwriter, premiered her new single “Save It”, written by herself and Rob Irving (House of Emeralds). “Save It’ is a song about fighting for  love that others[…]

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    Ultimate Music Features Salt Ashes’ Single “Save It”

    Music blog Ultimate Music recently reviewed Salt Ashes‘ new single “Save It”, which was released digitally Friday, May 6th on Radikal Records. Writer Joseph Vinaixa has covered Salt Ashes’ previous singles in the past, and raves about “Save It”, saying it truly delivers after a period of waiting for Salt Ashes’[…]

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  • Mumford & Sons To Go…Electronic?

    Don’t even pretend that you’re not at least curious as to how this will turn out. 12-time Grammy nominees’ frontman, Marcus Mumford, recently told Style Magazine that they will explore the electronic side of music on their next album, while still doing “whatever feels soulful.” While going electronic would mark[…]

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    Radikal Records Is On Pinterest!

    Radikal Records is on Pinterest! Make sure to give us a follow for anything and everything EDM related, from DIY concert looks to drink recipes to get your party started! We also feature suggested songs and artists directly from the Radikal Records staff, so you never run out of new[…]

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