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Get To Know DJs From Mars, Italian Bootleg Kings

The Djs From Mars started remixing  pop hits  in 2004 just for fun and just 8 years later they are recognized as one of the biggest names in the mashup scene. Their videos on YouTube have generated over 10 millions of views, and these extraterrestrials have just gotten started. Check out some amazing footage of their performances in Milan and Parma, Italy. Be sure to also check out their dynamic single with Damae of Fragma, Insane In Da Brain.

Sweet Muzik Reviews Insane In Da Brain By DJs From Mars Featuring Fragma

Italian Bootleg Producers DJs From Mars recently released their single Insane In Da Brain Featuring Fragma. Sweet Muzik, a blog that features the hottest and newest dance releases, reviewed the single and gave Insane In Da Brain an “A-”. Check out the review below. If you would like to purchase Insane in Da Brain or stream the remixes visit: