Apotheka Cover 250

Die Apotheka – Welcome To Apotheka

Who knew that a PA announcement warning about the ill effects of drugs could be so much fun. While a monotone German voice advises against the use of a list of psychotropic and medicinal drugs, pointing out that you'll

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Get Up And Dance

Phil Wilde – Get Up And Dance

Phil Wilde is a name best known for the feel good club tracks that garnered his success in the 90s. His work with 2 Unlimited, resulting in 16 million albums sold, made him one of the most successful producers of our

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Plasco - Stay

Plasco – Stay

Plasco gives you a fresh new twist on Sugarland's country chart topper - Stay - which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Country Charts. This dancefloor friendly version is a club favorite and is currently being heard on

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