We are seeking new original material for our label with a focus on dance, pop, and electronic music. Specifically, we are looking for material with mainstream and crossover potential – that means it MUST HAVE VOCALS. While we have signed mostly European artists in the past, we are open to adding artists from anywhere, provided they are committed to their career, have put a lot of hard work into their music, and are actively promoting their music – whether on the web or on tour. Original music written or controlled by artists is preferred.

If your music fits in the dance, pop, or electronic genre, and has mainstream and/or crossover potential, please submit your demos via the form below.


We do not accept CDs or MP3 downloads. Please ONLY supply us with a link where we can STREAM your music. We will not download anything. If we are interested in your material, we will contact you for MP3s or CDs. Thanks!

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One Reply to Demos

  1. Paolo Aldi says:

    Hey guys, i have just seen your cool comment on my remix! :)
    It’s important to know that i have the support of Djsfrommars about my work, that they said to me via mail.
    I hope that you will be able to consider it,
    Have a good listen.

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