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Throwback Thursday: Warp Brothers, "Blast The Speakers"

Warp Brothers Blast The Speakers

Rough week? Why not let go of some stress and get ready to party with the Warp Brothers! Their classic 2001 club hit, “Blast The Speakers” is a fantastic mix of relentless beats, acid-spiked breakdowns, and killer bass, and is the perfect kickoff to an insane weekend. So start your Friday off the right way and blast those speakers, the Warp Brothers are about to rock your world!

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Throwback Thursday: Junior Jack, “My Feeling”

Junior Jack My Feeling TBT Throwback Thursday

For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, I thought we’d prepare for an insane Friday night with Junior Jack’s classic dance track, “My Feeling!” With it’s steady beat and hypnotic, chill-inducing vocals, “My Feeling” will become yours in no time.  So crank those speakers and get up off your seat, it’s time to let your body to the talking and get ready for a great end of the week!

JamSpreader Reviews Ayah Marar’s “Lethal Dose!”

JamSpreader Ayah Marar Review Lethal Dose

A big thank you to JamSpreader for the fantastic review of Radikal Record’s own Ayah Marar’s new single and video, “Lethal Dose!”  You can check out the review here, and make sure to turn up your speakers and give a listen to the incredible track below!

Throwback Thursday: Orphean Feat. Terry, “My People”

Orphean Feat. Terry My People TBT Throwback Thursday

Let Orphean sing you the song of his people this Throwback Thursday with the trance classic, “My People!” Allow yourself to be completely taken away by the steady dance beat and calming vocals of the talented Terry Bjerre.  This track is perfect for a smooth transition into an incredible Friday, so turn up your speakers, forget your worries, and unwind!

Throwback Thursday: DJ Tomcraft, “Silence”

DJ Tomcraft Silence TBT Throwback Thursday

Get ready to be completely swept away this Throwback Thursday by the soothing trance sounds of the one and only DJ Tomcraft with his smash hit, “Silence!”  In what could only be described as the absolute perfect way to prepare for a sure-to-be insane Friday, allow yourself to forget your worries and take a little “me time” with the relaxing beats and hypnotic vocals of this one of a kind track.  Turn up, tune out, and enjoy!

Throwback Thursday: “Rhythm Is A Dancer,” by Snap!

Power Snap Radikal Records

Ever have one of those days that you feel like you just might, say…Snap?! Lucky for you, all of us here at Radikal Records decided that for this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we’d honor that “snap” feeling with the classic song “Rhythm Is A Dancer!” Snap! will have you dancing in no time, a perfect stress reliever for the almost-Friday slump.  Make sure to give it a listen below!

Throwback Thursday: CJ Stone’s “Shining Star (Club Mix)”

CJ Stone Shining Star Club Mix

It’s that time again: Throwback Thursday!  For this week’s edition, lose yourself in the bass-heavy club banger by CJ Stone, “Shining Star!”  This track will have you up and dancing within seconds, and is promised to get you singing along with hypnotic vocals that will have chills running down your spine the whole way through.  So get up out of your seat, crank the volume, and get starry-eyed with “Shining Star” by CJ Stone, below!

New Antoine Becks “Life Of The Wild” Gifs!

Antoine Becks

What better way to brighten up this dreary Tuesday afternoon than with some bass-pumping, hip-shaking, trance-inducing Antoine Becks Gifs?!  You can check out the full gif set below from his “Life Of The Wild” teaser video, which you can see here!  Enjoy!

Antoine Becks

Antoine Becks

Antoine Becks

Antoine Becks

Follow Antoine on twitter @AntoineBecks and check out his website !

Throwback Thursday: “Silence” By Taiko

For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we give you the brilliant single, “Silence” from Taiko! The single is a unique mixture of pulsing tribal beats and hypnotic trance vocals that defy genres and fill dance floors. Check it out below and let yourself be taken away by the “Silence!”

DJs From Mars “Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today)” Out NOW!

The time has finally come, humans! Stellar intergalactic Radikal artists DJs From Mars have OFFICIALLY released their newest single, “Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today!)” This rhythmic banger is sure not not only get your head bobbing, but your party started with its sick drops, hypnotic vocals and pulsing rhythms! Check out the track’s video below, which features a step-by-step lesson on exactly how to become a successful club DJ that will give you a leg up on the competition! Check it out on iTunes & BeatPort and get moving!