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EQ Music Features “The Ones I Love” By Australian Singer-Songwriter Bonnie Anderson

Australian singer-songwriter Bonnie Anderson is gaining positive attention with the North American launch of her hit single “The Ones I Love.” Music blog EQ Music describes this track as “BIG larger-than-life vocals pitted against inescapably, infectious, high energy dance beats.” EQ comments on how the songstress has grown not only in appearance, but in her powerful vocals since first appearing on the scene back in 2007 when she took 1st in Australia’s got talent. “Bonnie’s former 12 year old self has really blossomed into a stunner of beautiful proportions, both in the skin she has grown into and the capacity her breathtaking vocal prowess has gone on to develop in an all round richer tonality and strength.”

Listen to “The Ones I Love” below:

Watch the music video for “The Ones I Love” below:

“The Ones I Love” is available now along with additional mixes, including remixes from Diamm, DASCO, Alinari, and Soulshaker. The single is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Beatport. It is also available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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