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Let the Lawsuit Begin: Calvin Harris Claims BBC Misused Interview Comments

You think that after the disaster of a report involving child abuse a couple of weeks ago, the BBC would be a little more careful with its interviews, and the subsequent articles that follow them. Unfortunately, the BBC reporter who portrayed Calvin Harris in a negative light in a recent BBC Radio article clearly did not get the memo.

The article, titled, “Do Superstar DJs Just Press ‘Go’ On Their Live Shows?” portrayed Harris as an endorser of pre-recorded DJ sets during concerts, with damning quotes such as, “I think it’s not a problem. In the club, you want to hear a produced piece of music, you want to hear the bass, you want to hear it as good as it can sound…I used to perform with a band putting all sorts of work into a live show, and I can tell you that the reaction was worse than it is when I’m DJing.”

Shortly after the article was released, Harris went on what only could be described as a twitter rampage, claiming that his answer was in response to the question, “Is it okay for DJs to play records?” He then exclaimed, “Then he’ll change the question in the edit to, ‘Is it okay to PRE-RECORD a DJ set’ and use my answer to a DIFFERENT QUESTION?!” After his claims, he asked that the BBC release the full audio of the interview to prove his point.

So, tell us, who do YOU think is in the wrong here? Calvin or BBC Radio?

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