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Paul van Dyk Featuring Arty – The Ocean

Five years after In Between, Grammy Award winning producer Paul van Dyk is back with Evolution. While the new album has received mixed reviews from critics, his first single The Ocean featuring Arty is warm, evocative, and memorable. This dream collaboration resulted in a beautiful track that is laced with emotionally driven vocals that pull on your heart strings. Critics have been quick to point out the irony in Evolution‘s title, noting the producer’s signature sound has hardly “evolved”. In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, he dismisses these allegations,

Ever since I started DJing, for me electronic music is not about just house music or electro or trance or dubstep or techno – it’s about electronic music all together. This is obviously what this album reflects real well because you find elements from all of those sub-genres on that album put together in a different way.”

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