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Itaka – La Danza De Ibiza

Ibiza has long been an island destination for pleasure seekers. It has evolved to exemplify the feel-good, care-free energy synonymous with dance music and its lovers. While the partying season in Ibiza is nearing a close, one can still escape to the Mediterranean paradise with La Danza De Ibiza. Radikal Records is thrilled to end their 2011 summer session with this
rhythmic and contagious single.

Itaka is the project of the Italian producers Antonello Righi & Daniele Filippone. La Danza De Ibiza is a latin house banger that has already taken much of the international club scene by storm. Vibrant, sexy, and fun; it is a song that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. Close your eyes as the vocalist takes you through the essentials for a nightlife on the island; “Primera la musica, Segunda la locura..”

This package includes remixes from Bora Bora, Frenk DJ, Joe Maker, Tribal Nation, and Zumpa! “Mentiendes? La Danza De Ibiza!”

All MP3s available below are encoded at 320 kbps for highest sound quality.

01. Frenk DJ & Joe Maker Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

02. Tribal Nation Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

03. Bora Bora Extended Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

04. Zumpa Radio Edit
Download MP3 ($1.00)

05. Zumpa Extended Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

06. Bora Bora Radio Edit
Download MP3 ($1.00)

Download All Mixes In One Zip File ($7.99)

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